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    Inauguration Corner ALI

In the center of Treviso, in Via Roma 29 has been inaugurated the first Biologic Empire "La Vera Terra", with storical bio-restaurant and bio-alimentary store, forms a real polarity of aggregation and divulgation of "Concious Purchase".

Inside the empire "La Vera Terra" is situated the corner ALI with every production line made by ALI, from domestic textiles to garments for children and adults.

The new corner ALI in Treviso, together with the corner ALi in Conegliano Veneto at the bio-supermarket ARIELE in Viale Venezia 97 and the store  "ALI - l'Abbigliamento Biologico" in Via IV Novembre in Verona, wants to be a further contribute to the divulgation of biological textiles through a more direct contact and service between the producer and the final purchaser.

Inauguration Corner ALI
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